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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

About Us

Jayce -
Founder, I cover almost everything, me and the other authors will have our share of posting in all categories. I will try my best to be up to date with everything as quickly as I can, so I can post to all our readers to enjoy.

Takumii (Kumii chan) -
Free styler, I am here to bring the entertainment of anime. I will mostly post reviews since I like to share animes that are good, to people who doesn't know about it. Hope you can enjoy my future posts.

Kayla Sama -
Not as stuck up as I sound, I'm here for the representation of girls, and manga lovers. You can expect artsy-fartsy reviews, and some serious fan-girling (just ask the boys^) I'm also into art and the Japanese culture. You can expect a little bit of everything from me :)

Yumii (nekomeariichan) -
An extreme and proud otaku!! I will also be writing reviews on anime, manga, games and whatever needs reviewing on in this amazing society off pop culture~ I hope you all enjoy my future posts~
I hope to do my best for you all and AUA~ (^o^)/

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