Spring (Autumn in Aust.) Anime Charts
The charts have been released and a much clearer version of the chart can be viewed here.
Credits go to the maker of the chart.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Spring (Autumn in Aust.) Anime Chart

Well seems like the new charts have been released for the next season, and I already see a few I'll definitely be watching. Well enjoy and start planning ahead for another season. Credits go to the maker of this chart and by no means is it me.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

【鏡音リン・レン】 つむぎうた short vers. 【リク】

This is Takumii, and yes I'm still alive. Sorry that i haven't been posting anything for you guys lately. It is my final year for high school so preparation has been daily for me. Nevertheless, I'm back and I will start my first post introducing on this song "Tsumugi Uta" short ver. by TheLilacSonata. She is also known as リク and yes is capable of singing various Vocaloid covers. This song is the one Jayce and I have both liked because it simply relaxing to listening to, the melody is soothing which she has done a really good job. We thought it is worth sharing so that you guys won't get to miss out. Check it out she is pretty amazing. 

There are other songs to listen to if this isn't your cup of tea. For me, I also really like:
If you guys do like her, please subscribe to her, she can then sing us more songs in the future :) and I wanted to include AUA have mentioned her long time ago. Not sure if you guys have remembered nor Riku herself.

Also, I will be posting my cosplaying album soon so stay tuned !

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

J-pop Diva Ayumi Hamasaki to Divorce Austrian Hubby

Not even a year of marriage, J-Pop star Ayumi Hamasaki announced on her "Team Ayu" fan club website that she will divorcing her Austrian husband, Schwarz.

Hamasaki's explanation reads:
 I am reporting that I will be filing for divorce on Monday in America...The reason lies within myself. At the time of our marriage, we decided to live in America, however, because of the Tohoku Earthquake that occurred two months later, a strong feeling sprouted within me that I didn’t want to be apart from Japan. I wasn’t able to imagine a life in America, and as a result, I left my husband by himself for a long period of time.
(I hope she told him this before posting... That would be worse than dumping someone via a text.... or FB ;; ) 

The superstar couple met in 2010 when Schwarz, an Austrian native and male actor/model, appeared in Ayumi’s music video for her song "Virgin Road" (the live versions of which were oftern performed in a wedding dress. The irony here is pretty thick, folks). A swift courtship was followed by a wedding on Jan 1, 2011, but alas, this high profile international romance appears to have run out of steam. 

 Source: Crunchyroll

Friday, January 13, 2012

Guilty Crown Lost Christmas game trailer streamed

Earlier we posted that a Guilty Crown game was announced that will be based around the time of the "Lost Christmas" event. The Youtube channel of developer Nitro+ is now streaming a promotion video for Guilty Crown: Lost Xmas, the ages 15+ PC adventure game spinoff of the Guilty Crown TV anime. Nitro+ has also announced that the game will be released on May 31st, 2012 for 5040 yen. The official websit ehas been updated with new images and information. The game's scenario is written by Jin Haganeya, one of the scenario writers for Nitroplus's Demonbane series and the theme song is sung by Itou Kanako (Steins;Gate TV Anime Opening).

Source:  Crunchyroll

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Winter 2012 Anime List Preview

Another season has arrived and it is Winter 2012!! Many promising animes on the list so it will be worthwhile. However, it will be mostly sequels that will make anime fans dancing crazy. Check out the list and you will know what I mean :D

Source: ashirisu.files.wordpress.com

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merii Kurisumasu~!

AUA wishes all our views a very merry, happy, joyous, safe and enjoyable Christmas!
We thank you form all the past years of support and your continuing support that you  give to us~

We hope at AUA we can continue to bring you fresh and hot news from the world of Anime, Games, Manga and interesting things in Japan in the future, and continuing updating and improving our methods~ If you have any other suggestions that you would like us to improve on or add to this blog, please don't hesitate to ask~ AUA would love to hear and do our best to do what you guys want~

We hope we can continue to hear your feedback and see your support, it means a lot to us all here at AUA~ 
Have a very Merry Otaku Kurisumasu~!! -> u <-

Merrry Xmas!

AUA wishes you all to have a lovely Christmas and relaxing holiday. May we achieve even higher next year with more interesting and exciting Anime news to all you readers out there. To be Honest, I love all of you who have supported this mini website and helped it grow strong to a small community now. Thank you to those especially who is dedicated to visit AUA all of the time and take part in the polls and Chatbox. I'm not being too picky but I must say, I don't understand quite a bit of the users comments. Deep apologies if I'm referring to you. However, you are all very welcome to continue to post your comments because I love to see more comments in the chatbox.

We have developed quite a lot and went through many issues; good and bad. It is you guys who have kept us writers continuing to bring you news. The ratings and comments believe it or not, I read every one of them  because I'd love to see your thoughts on the posts. I really wouldn't have reach this high if it wasn't you guys. So once again, thank you for support Anime Update Australia. I wish you all to have exciting Christmas and remember to watch animes!