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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Arrival: Takumii

Hi guys, I became an author being asked by Jayce. Honestly, if he didn't ask me, I would've start one myself sooner or later. Now that I joined, seems like I can save all those hassles. Okay, let me introduce myself.

I'm Takumii as you all may know it by now. I'm an anime fan just like you guys. I am officially into anime 4 years ago when I decided to give anime a try. Surprisingly, anime did got me and so I became a fan of it. I love anime because it takes me to somewhere out of this reality; every single anime takes me to somewhere different so I never got bored of it.

Yes, other than anime, I do like things that involves it too.Mangas, Jap music, Seiyuus, Games etc. Basically, anything that involves anime, I will know.
Also, yes I do not download songs as you can see. Only Jayce are posting the links and I simply only review on them. How do I listen to them then? Well, there is something called youtube my friends. Though I would love to share my music video finds with everybody here XD

Now that I have introduced myself, I hope you will enjoy my future posts in Anime Update Australia :)

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