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Monday, August 22, 2011

New Character Unlocked: Yumii

Nice to meet you~ I'm Yumii~ But in the cosplay society I am known as nekomeariichan~ One day I wish to be apart of WCS, become a well-known seiyuu in Japan and start my own manga~ But at the moment, I am happy to be apart of AUA~ It is a true honour~ 
My life revolves around the pop culture of managa, anime, games, cosplay, pop Asia, seiyuu, art and Japanese culture.
I am a very big derpy otaku and fangirl, but I am not a fujoshi~ ^^;
I hope my many years and knowledge of this amazing pop culture will be beneficial to AUA and to you, the audience~ I hope to do my best for this blog and inform other otakus and fans about recent news and suggestions from my reviews.
Let's do our best~! 

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