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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Welcome to me :)

Hi hi :)
Well I had some debate with Jayce and Takumii about the name under which I'll be calling myself. It's got a story to it - I swear. I'm not up myself at all haha. Well here goes, I'm Kayla Sama. Yeh :\ -sama prefix ain't really good for introducing yourself, but it's what I've come to be called so... yeh.
Now, I got -Sama coz basically I'm the only girl (err I hope you can tell I'm a girl from my name) and well. I keep the guys under control. Haha.
Anyway, Jayce and Takumii suggested I come here to provide the well. Shoujo, and manga. Yeh I'm kind of a manga addict.
I guess I will be coming to you again shortly with manga/shoujo-ish-anime updates soon.
Ja ne

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