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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jayce - Yo Minna san

Seeing as all the authors have introduced themselves and I havent might as well do it now. I am known as Jayce, having started anime only a year ago my knowledge of past animes isnt that good, however when it comes down to it all you could call me an anime freak. Practically every minute of my life has something to do with anime. Wether it be thinking about anime, drawing anime, listening to anime, playing anime related games or watching anime.

Now I did say that I am not very knowledgable in past animes but present animes I have a fair share amount of knowledge about it. Of course I probably wont ever beat Takumii, who knows practically everything about anime, neither would I beat Kayla Sama in manga, because honestly, I never found manga very interesting; maybe because I was just lazy.

Anyway, I will try my best to keep you updated, and I hope you enjoy my future posts.

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Jellyfish said...

i hate you!
Im someone you know from i school and i LOVE this blog ^-^