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Saturday, December 17, 2011

New Phoenix Wright movie trailer

The first trailer for the live-action adaptation of Gyakuten Saiban (a.k.a. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) certainly got me pumped, but something was missing that every Japanese trailer must have: an official theme song by whatever band put out a single that week! This latest trailer features Porno Graffiti's latest song "2012 Spark." 
The new trailer features many of the same shots from the first trailer, but fans of the game will notice several new scenes, including one of a giant, inflatable Steel Samurai. Of course, there is plenty of finger-pointing and shouting too, but that's expected.
Gyakuten Saiban releases in Japanese theaters on February 11, 2012, but will be premiering at the International Film Festival Rotterdam first, where it will likely air to an audience that has no idea why everyone is dressed so strangely when they're trying to be serious.


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