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Monday, December 26, 2011

Merrry Xmas!

AUA wishes you all to have a lovely Christmas and relaxing holiday. May we achieve even higher next year with more interesting and exciting Anime news to all you readers out there. To be Honest, I love all of you who have supported this mini website and helped it grow strong to a small community now. Thank you to those especially who is dedicated to visit AUA all of the time and take part in the polls and Chatbox. I'm not being too picky but I must say, I don't understand quite a bit of the users comments. Deep apologies if I'm referring to you. However, you are all very welcome to continue to post your comments because I love to see more comments in the chatbox.

We have developed quite a lot and went through many issues; good and bad. It is you guys who have kept us writers continuing to bring you news. The ratings and comments believe it or not, I read every one of them  because I'd love to see your thoughts on the posts. I really wouldn't have reach this high if it wasn't you guys. So once again, thank you for support Anime Update Australia. I wish you all to have exciting Christmas and remember to watch animes!


Shizuo said...

Merry Christmas!


Takumii XD said...

Yes Shizuo, that includes you too :)