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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hayate the Combat Butler Gets New Anime Green-Lit

The "99th volume" of Kenjirou Hata's Hayate the Combat Butler manga announced on Saturday that production on a new anime has been green-lit. The manga volume is being distributed for free at the paired screenings of the Hayate the Combat Butler! Heaven is a Place on Earth film and the Mahō Sensei Negima! Anime Final film.

The original manga — and the two television anime series it inspired — follow a boy named Hayate who serves as a butler, bodyguard, confidante, and more to a girl named Nagi to pay off a 156,804,000-yen (about US$2-million) debt.

Takashi Kumagai, Shogakukan's editor in charge of the Hayate the Combat Butler manga, had revealed in a January interview that the next step after the Hayate film was already being planned. Hata himself had posted on his Twitter account (in English) in April, "The third season : after the movie of the summer of this year. Please wait in expectancy!"

Source: Anime News Network

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