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Friday, August 26, 2011

Carnival Phantasm Cafe

Not sure if Carnival Phantasm was actually posted on here earlier but I'm going to do it anyway just in case it wasn't, yes too lazy to backtrack.

Carnival Phantasm I had a feeling this would happen sometime soon but now that its here I'm overjoyed. It was about time Type-moon released an anime with all the characters from their respective series in it. Carnival Phantasm was made by the Type-moon to celebrate their 10th anniversary, being a parody series of all their series, Fate, Melty Blood Tsukuhime and many others. So expect many laughs, which reminds me to how much I love parody animes, Gintama anyone?

And on top of that there's also a Carnival Phantasm cafe, which the Good Smile Cafe will actually be running a host for, which officially opened on the 23rd of August. So if you're in Japan then ...... I envy you. If not enjoy the pictures and hopefully you're not kicking yourself like I am.

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