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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bakuman update

Bakuman never ceases to amaze! the newest chapter is really interesting, as it shows actual pages from a manga that was created by the new rival! We haven't even seen Eiji's work the way this is done. Moritaka and Takagi are judging mangas for a competition, and we also get to read along with them on "Class room of Truth" which is about a classroom that gets taken over by a supernatural force who kills the students off one by one.
Honestly, it was really interesting plot and everything, but of course, we're reading Bakuman, not Class room of Truth, so it was summarised after just a few pages.
However, it is revealed who the new rival is!
For those who have been reading the manga, you will surely remember Trap, the boys' first really successful mystery detective manga. They recognize the rivals name because he used to send them fan mail every week for Trap!
This is definitely going to be a good character coming up.

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