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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rie Kugimiya ~The Tsundere Queen~

As many would know, the title of 'Tsundere Queen' is in fact entitled to Rie in the anime community and she is welly recognized by a huge amount otakus/anime fans. Why? because she is extremely famous for the roles she has voiced over the years. The roles are all very similar, yet everybody still loves them; they are just absolutely excellent voiced characters. She is also the first Seiyuu I fell in love with. She could synchronize her voice with her roles really well and turn them into realistic characters. It was also her which has led me into the seiyuu addict now. XD

Everybody knows Shana right? From Shakugan no Shana. Taiga, in Toradora? Nagi in Hayate no Gotoku? or Louise from Zero no Tsukaima? They are all really well known roles voiced by Rie among a list of other characters she has voiced. Her characters mostly have similar characteristics and even personality at times. The common traits for her roles are: really short, tsunderes and lolis. Not surprised since... IT IS WHAT SHE IS FAMOUS FOR!!

Her voice is of course, really easy to recognize in animes. It a very stand out voice which is really high pitched and sharp. She also sings for anime openings and endings. Due to her voice, her songs sound kind of kiddy. Not saying they are bad; I personally don't like them, simply because they are not my cup of tea. I like powerful female voices in singing. I prefer her voice acting over her singing. Well, she did win the 3rd Annual Seiyuu Award for 'Leading Actress Award' ("Toradora" Aisaka Taiga).

Rie has voiced more than a decade now, let's hope she can do more roles in the future!! Honestly, if you ask me. I love Lousie, Taiga and Kagura the most out of all her roles!

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