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Friday, January 14, 2011

Black Rock Shooter ~ Anime Ver 1/6 Scale

Ben has recently received his BRS figure by Good Smile from Hobby Fan (www.hobbyfan.com) and has asked me to help him review it. Well seeing how lazy he is, the post is going to be just another paragraph if he is reviewing it (lol). So~ The very kind me has agreed to help him :)

As you can see, this BRS is extremely dedicate and it looks like it is going to break any moment. For figures to have such a difficult pose is really hard, because of the weight and balancing factors. Since the body is on one leg while leaning forward, it made the design even more problematic. A smart solution was to make the bosy hold on to the cannon; with the cannon attached to both the figure and the blocks on the base.The pose made it looks like she is in action. It is why this figure looks so beautiful and cool!

The colours are perfect in the figure. It could clearly show the gloss and matt paints apart, making the body and the cannon both stand out at the same time. Ben thought the colours are bad yet without realizing that is the purpose of the design. The dull colours allow the atmosphere to be created around the figure, creating moods of danger and unease. Well if the colour did make him think it is bad, then it did a good job of creating an unpleasant atmosphere. I personally liked it.

Overall, I really liked the pose of the figure and think it is cool. Good Smile nailed this design very well. This figure is definitely worth its price. So consider this if you are buying a BRS figure!

PS. I also bought a figure along with Ben's BRS from Hobby Fan, so I'll be reviewing it soon when it comes to my house.  Get ready to see Hitagi Sengougahara 1/6 Scale by Good Smile! :)

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