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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sekirei: Pure Engagement 4

~Fourth Wing: The Last Feather~
The episode started when Uzume finally decided to leave the Izumo Inn. Ever since she was ordered to assassinate sekireis, she began not being able to face the people in the Inn. Knowing that she can no longer stay after everything she has done, she left all her belongings and left... Even though she hid it from everybody, many have already found out , yet they just didn't spill out her secret for her sake.
Homura is reacting to her ashikabi and it is getting stronger. Though she noticed, but she doesn't not wish to be winged. It was then Minato suddenly visited her room where she suddenly discovered he is her ashikabi. Resisting to the heart, she continued to act normally as if nothing had happened.

Just as everything was fine, shocking news appeared, as the last unwinged sekirei was announced by the President; giving out the location to every ashikabi in the capital. The ashikabi of the East, South and West all took notice and began to make their move. Minato on the other hand, is currently right at the north part of the capital where the last sekirei is locating. With the support of his sekireis, Minato also began to make his move.

As, Homura came out from the bath, she saw Minato. Her consciousness got taken over by her thoughts and her body craved to go towards Minato. It was there when she almost got winged, She gained back her consciousness. Knowing her ashikabi was right in front of her. She decided to attack him but was stopped in time.

Angered by such action she committed, she decided to take revenge on the source of her problem...

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