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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Aya Hirano's comeback

No she hasn't come back to anime. Aya Hirano has finally gotten sick of her raging former fanbase telling her to die and telling her that they hate her, she made a very long update on her blog where she called her former fanbase her "lifeline".

Some of her quotes from her blog are:

All of these romantic experiences helped support me, and I don’t want to continue this shallow and unrealistic façade.
I don’t want to write songs about some fantasy love. I should be able to show the real me.
Stop making Tweets telling me to “die!” or saying you hate me.
And after we just made a lifeline to each other… Even one as powerful as me is reeling under this.
So, from here on I hope you wish me well!

Aya's attempts at trying to extinguishing some of the flames from her fanbase seem to not work however on the community of 2ch as they took no sympathy for her... or that may just be their nature.

I wonder how this will end for Aya, her fanbase just can't seem to accept the fact that she has a life outside of the anime world. Some of the comments from 2ch were:

Well you guys, what do you make of her diary?
I laughed at this excuse-like update. This will probably anger you lot even more.
“And after we just made a lifeline to each other…” – and just who hacked off that lifeline?
She’s turned and become defiant. It’ll be war from here on. Who will die first, us or Hirano? It won’t end until one does.
She’s just saying “It’s not my fault!”
As expected, she wants to move on. Who cares about her acting or singing though.
“So, from here on I hope you wish me well!” < Unfortunately, there is no “from here on.”
Indeed. She cuts off here lifeline, and is then like “Yoroshiku!” What an idiot.
Aya-chan, but you have no future in show-business now?
Now we know what to call all the fans who forked over cash for her – her “lifeline.”
The Hirano Lifeline.
We should abbreviate it a bit as that is too long – HLL. The HLL incident.
This doesn't look like it will end well for Aya Hirano.

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