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Friday, August 6, 2010

AUA reached 100 posts!!

Sad, Jayce had to take 100th and oh wells, 101th is still good :D
Thanks Jayce, Kayla sama and GG Charlie (1 post) for all the posts they have uploaded!
Hope AUA will reach 200th, 500th... no 1000th!! Let's work hard guys!

Other than that, I'm sorry!
I'll put up Sekirei tomorrow, please bear with me.

Kayla Sama's notes:
OMFG I LOL'D SO HARD AT "GGCharlie (1 post)" LOLOL
other than that, I'm on Jayce's works internet after being at SMASH! waiting for my friend and her group of maids to come get me so we can go home together LOL I COSPLAYED TODAY :D well it was a lazy cosplay but cosplay nontheless. This now has nothing to do with Takumii's post.

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