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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hiki - manga

So I started reading this manga a while ago, but it doesn't get updated often so I forgot about it until now.
Try not to piss your pants while reading it, I don't want to be responsible for the mess.

You think oh, it's horror, but it's manga, so it can't be that scary, right? Wrong. You are so wrong.
Well it's not like Paranormal Activity scary, but it's pretty creepy when you least expect it.
Highly effective for something that's a still image.

Can be found on Mangafox.

kids find a treasure map, leads them to a wardrobe. They're like "oh dang this wasn't exciting at all" go home. GET F***ED OVER BY SCARY S**T. and yeh, that's where I'm up to. :)

Jayce's notes:
This manga creeped me out so bad... and I didn't even go past this cover. If any of you have seen shutter (thai version) that face in the drawer there is a reminder of the horrors you had to experience while watching shutter. Don't read if you are faint hearted... or scared shitless by creepy ghosts.

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