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Monday, August 9, 2010

K-on near end

The K-on anime and manga are due to end in September as producers have claimed it has reached it climax.
Some are doubting the announcement however but the majority of its fans believe that it is finally time to let k-on go. Some however believe the manga will transform into a university setting or be renewed in some twist of events. Any mention of the anime adaptation to be continued however has not been a topic discussed. I personally hope to see it continue but everything has to come to an end sometime.
Kayla's notes:
Wow, an anime is ending. Who would have guessed. Actually I'm only writing this because I've noticed Jayce's posts are giving me de-ja-vu... and because I found this awesome scan :D pictured above.

Takimii's notes
Can't you see I'm loving this post? This Mio is so HOT!!

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