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Sunday, July 4, 2010

First Thoughts on Summer 2010 Animes

As you all may have known already, it is the end of term which means HOLIDAY is starting from now!! Of course, that is not the issue here... The real issue here is that Summer 2010 animes will be with us within weeks and even within days!! Exciting and fun as Summer animes is famous for its comedies and romantic comedies. Surely this season's animes will be interesting and relaxing to watch. I know I will be~ XD

Anyways, here are my first thoughts of the animes I've watched:

Ookamisan to Shichinin no Nakamatashi:
A really weird but interesting anime. This anime is about... hm... hard to describe. I actually have no idea about the story/plot of it. Watch it and you'll get what I mean. This anime style is really unique compared to others because it's an anime where the narrator talks to the audience throughout the episode. For me, this is the first time I've watched such an anime which is refreshing but I hope the future episodes of the plot can be enhanced because I was expecting better for the first episode of an anime.

Amagami SS:
A not so typical harem anime. It's about a boy who has been hurt from 2 years ago after the girl he liked did not turn up to the day of the date. The story starts off when he was accidentally noticed by the most popular school idol. Without knowing, he fell for her and confessed to her but was rejected. That was the first episode and it already felt like it has progress a lot. Though what it worries me is the title of the first episode. It has the word 'arc' which means the story may not have everything in one stories but will have multiple stories. Honestly, I'm not a arc fan as I would much prefer there will be only one main story for the anime but then it is a harem anime, so i guess that is acceptable.

This anime exploded in its first episode!! Epic!! The story is about a year 6 teacher and his nightmare of the triplet sisters in his class. The class was filled with laughter and excitement. I haven't really laughed so much in a long time. I laughed from the opening all the way till the end of the ending. Comedy lovers, Mayor recommendation!

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