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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Kuroshitsuji I and II

Kuroshitsuji Season One
Seriously. Nothing short of epic. Ciel Phantomhive, the main character, and his demon butler Sebastian Michaelis, gah I just wanna rape them both. 
Ciel and Sebastian solve crimes and mysteries all throughout old London, and their newest and biggest case is that of Jack The Ripper, as he has come to be known. 
The art in this series is just so DAMN GOOD!~ The costumes, backgrounds, character designs (hohoho~ Sebastian <3) and the storyline are all of such a high standard. Go watch. Go die inside a little bit everytime Sebastian is onscre en LOL. 

Kuroshitsuji Season Two.
Ahh time to die all over again. Season two's episode one was released recently (I had to watch it a day late because of subs T.T, even though I understand most of it) and OMFGFDOSNLDSTNGFP GAHHH so damn good.
I didn't think the standard would have held itself up so well.
This series is set to follow NEW demon butler, Claude, and his master Alois (I swear, even though they distinctly say "boy", Alois is kinda girly. And Loli. Mwahaha~)
 Ahh Claude, you really don't stand up against Sebastian :3
As we clearly see in SEBASTIAN'S EPIC RETURN in episode one, which I'm so happy to see that he's back so early :3
I think the plot of season two is going to be fairly similar to that of season one, which is basically Sebastian and Ciel doing their thang. But with new added rivals Alois and Claude. Hohoho~ How will this new rivalry end? I want to go on a Kuroshitsuji marathon now.

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