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Monday, July 5, 2010

Boku Kara Kimi Ga Kienai

Ahh This is a great manga, though it's rarely updated :(
Kanzaki was on a train one day when she was saved from misfortune by Haruna Sensei, a teacher at a local high school. Thus, Kanzaki studies hard, and after much effort, gets accepted into the school where Haruna Sensei teaches, just so she can be near her beloved sensei~
On the first day, she meets Kousuke, who... happens to look exactly like Haruna?! Well close enough. Kousuke is Haruna's younger brother.
Kousuke likes Kanzaki, but Kanzaki likes his brother, what will he do :O ?!
Through many adventures, Kanzaki and Kousuke become close, and Kousuke reveals that it wasn't Haruna who saved her on the train but himself! She just mistook them because they look so similar.
And so her heart is all kyahh~ which one?

NOTE: In the above panels, Kousuke is the boy with dark hair, while the light hair belongs to Haruna Sensei, and in the panel they are talking about Kanzaki, while on a school trip.

In the latest chapter, we find out that, what's this?! Haruna Sensei likes Kanzaki too? Even though she's a student?! :O

Sorry for all the :O and ?! I'm in a really OMG NO WAY mood. :D

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