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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sekirei: Pure Engagement 1

Finally, the long wait has finished and Sekirei's sequel, Pure Engagement is right in front of our eyes!! The story continued from season one after Minato and his Sekireis Musubi, Matsu, Tsukumi and Kusano had successfully helped an Ashikabi (owner of sekirei) and his Sekirei escaped the capitals. During the battle, Sekirei 08 Yume was awakened within Musubi and was able to defeat the Disciplinary Squad.

First Feather: Quiet Omen
Story started off with reintroducing all the characters as well as explaining all the basic information of the 'Sekirei Plan'. The existance of the sekireis and their reson to fight in the 'Sekirei Plan'. Troubles began immediately as, Minato's sekireis are having lovers' quarrel causing problems for him. At the end, they got in trouble from Miya. It was clearly visible to see the jealousy of Kuu- chan and Tsukumi.
On her way to the hospital to meet her Ashikabi, Uzume met someone that works for Higa and they had a talk.Uzume was caught for helping the Ashikabi and Sekirei escape and was being threatened to do more unwilling killing, Uzume obeyed for the sake of keep Chiho alive who was currently being hospitalized. She was aware her actions but had no choice...

Kazehana and Homura are both currently reacting to their ashikabi. Kazehana, however knows already that her ashikabi is definitely Minato but she is observing him to see if he is the worthy man for her. Ever since the escape from last season, she has eyes on Minato. Which means, she will be winged very soon, it is just a matter of time~ Homura on the other hand, are also having physical changes due to the reacting and he is changing to be a female sekirei. Though he do not wish others to know about his true identity as a sekirei and as Homura.

Oh, and looks like someone from the Disciplinary Squad got something going on...

Takumii's notes
Sorry guys if you realized I didn't add some bits and pieces to the review. I have done so because I don't want to spoil every little things of the story. And then sorry, I couldn't upload every single picture... I got to say, the pictures I didn't upload were much better but they have no relation to the review. It's my first 'weekly' review, forgive me~ T_T

Jayce's notes
Im pretty sure I've said this before but, FINALLY, its been a while, heck who am I kidding its been ages since I last saw Sekirei. As expected the season kicks off with a lot of oppai bouncing action, awkward positions and lots of humour. The artwork is as appealing as it always was and the music fits well. Really nothing new, after watching this episode it felt like Sekirei never left, like it just continued off from where the last episode ended as if nothing happened, lets see if this keeps me entertained.

Kayla Sama's notes:
Something seems off about Sekirei to me... I think the very slightest changes in detail really stand out to me.

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