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Thursday, July 8, 2010

K-on New Opening and Ending

New season, which means K-on will have new songs!! since knowing that season 2 will go for 24-26 episodes. The opening and ending, 'Utauyo!! MIRACLE' and 'No, Thank You' will be replacing the old ones.

'Utauyo!!MIRACLE' by Aki Toyosaki (CV. Yui) is to me, disappointing. I personally do not like the song and I think it doesn't suit the anime itself. Most of all, it's weird. Really, I think Aki-san can sing alot better than that. Though I'm not obsessed with her songs but I did enjoyed listening to 'Cagayake! GIRLS' and 'GO! GO! MANIAC!'. This opening to the other ones, is really no good.

No, Thank you! by Yoko Hikasa (CV. Mio) as the ending is definitely good!! I love it and it got me addicted just like what happened to 'Don't Say Lazy' and 'Listen!'. Truly unique song for the K-on series and not to mention, The video of the ending itself was also impressive. Other than that, Mio in the ending was so stunning! I love all her outfits in all three endings!

Then again, since this is the last opening and ending for K-on, let's all enjoy this ^^

Jayce's notes
Ok sorry about that little outburst there, couldn't contain myself. Anyway, the songs, what can I say, brilliant, addictive, just plain awesome those are only a few words that describe these songs, I could go on (in other languages too) but we would fill the Internet up with words, and frankly thats not possible. I have to agree with Takumii though, the new opening was a slight let down, I love listening to Aki's go happy voice but this one just didnt feel right. Of course Yoko's ending was superb, always have been a fan of her voice and its easy to get addicted, love this.

Kayla Sama's notes:
Am I the only one who really likes the new OP? I find it happy, and I love Yui in it, especially when she's on the stage singing into her pencil case/phone, whatever it is. And when she spins around, so cute!

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