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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi Episode 1

The season starts out with a no good goon running through alleys only to meet a dead end. A young girl with fierce eyes, accompanied by a child-like girl, corner him and having no choice the goon pulls out a knife while the fierce eyed girl puts on boxing gloves that have the shape of kittens. The goon lunges at her with the knife but its is suddenly struck out of his hand by a rock and in one punch he's knocked to the ground. The fierce eyed girl is Ookami Ryouko and her small companion is Akai Ringo they both work for the Otogi Gakuen Gakusei Sougofujo Kyoukai, otherwise “Otogi Academy Mutual Student Aid Association” or the “Otogi Bank”.

They both head back to their headquarters hidden underground, even though they seem to be in an association is merely a school club that accepts almost any type of request and their payment is having the requester return the favor. Upon returning the other members of the Otogi bank is introduced, Kiriki Liszt also known as the "President", Kiriki Alice the presidents cousin, the maid Tsurugaya Otsuu and Otohime and Urashima whose status is unknown. Ookami being extremely fierce visits the gym before returning home and is stalked on her way home by none other than our protagonist, Morino Ryoushi who is in the same class as Ookami but she appears to have never seen him before, Morino confesses his love for her but is rejected within seconds, for not flattering her properly at all.

As the Otogi bank needed another male member, Ringo makes Morino join, determined to find out if he is worthy of Ookami. And this is where Morino's background is revealed; born and raised in the mountains, Morino is extremly shy and has a fear of people looking at him. Because of this, he cowers in fear and hides in the shadows. However, he is useful for tracking and tailing missions as he has been trained in that field. Shortly another customer comes in, Haibara Kakari, and her request is a simple one, to help her stop her admired senior, Ooji Akihiro, from handing in his resignation from the tennis club. Testing out their newest member Morino is sent into the field and after a few failed attempts Haibara ends up doing the job herself. Assisted by Morino and Majolica Ru Fay, the Otogi Bank's inventor, Kakari accidentally kicks her senior in the face. They all run off with the resignation, leaving one of Haibara's shoes behind, turning it into a classic Cinderella story slightly deviated.

After an accomplished mission they all return home and Ookami along with Ringo is assaulted by the goon accompanied by .... more goons. They get into a brawl and just as Ookami is about to get hit in the head with a pole our protagonist rushes in as a shield. Ookami finished off the rest and the main evil-doer ends up with another kitten face punch mark on his other cheek. Ending credits and song roll and straight after that Ooji Akihiro is seen searching for the princess who had kicked him and left her shoe behind. After many failed applicants, his princess is finally found, and his love of SM is revealed.

Jayce's notes:
Interesting very Interesting indeed, I like how this anime is planned out and I like how they are introduced the voice over in my opinion is an interesting and new approach, I haven't seen an anime so far with a voice over in it seems to be a very good idea it certainly adds to the humour and its really informative talking about humour I like the humour, in fact I love the humour it was my first time seeing kitten boxing gloves that left cat face marks on the receiving end. And I never expected Morino to be sitting beside Ringo all along as she gave the president her report on Morino as a possible candidate. But What I loved most of all in the humour section was the ending, Ooji's search for his princess, such a creative way of retelling the story of Cinderella, such a funny outcome too. Not to mention maids, most of you wont know but I love maids, Tsurugaya was just adorable and ..... we'll just leave it at that ..... moving on. I liked this episode I liked the use of a classic fairytale turned into a comedic retelling (the pumpkin carriage was classic). However there is a slight feeling though that there are characters who will have near to nothing role in this anime, but I cant judge by its first episode so we'll have to see as we go along. I have high hopes for this.

Kayla Sama's note:
Lol, Jayce. We already posted about this anime twice.And your grammar is HORRIBLE! although our readers will never know because I edit everything you write LOLOL -yes, I'm a grammar, punctuation, and spelling freak, though I cbb editing your long ass comment.

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