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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

High School of the Dead. Ep. 1

Lets start off with the plot! (well I ended up writing the whole ep LOL) So typical it's not funny, yet I never get sick of it haha.The anime opens with scenes of 3 highschoolers on the school roof, bashing zombies. Cut to OP. Travel a few hours back in time and Takashi (protagonist) is all la-di-da in his highschool life, all "woe is me" because his childhood friend dumped him, then as he's out on a balcony he witnesses a distressful man at the school gates. He sees several teachers go out to deal with the problem, and all of a sudden, the teachers are killing each other after the man bites one of them.
Takashi runs into a classroom, grabs his childhood friend Rei, and her new boyfriend Hisashi and they run off. Not much later, evacuation notices go throughout the whole school, but it's a bit late and "they", as the zombies are referred to as, have already gotten into the school, and are currently eating students. Hisashi gets bitten a little bit, but he seems to be ok. (Typical, typical). The three of them decide to go onto the roof and barricade themselves. Hence, the scenes before the OP.
Hisashi goes all flesh-hungry, and Rei is all "Kyahh~ no, he's only bitten a LITTLE, he's ok! Kyah kyah!" >.> I hate that. Anyway, Takashi smashes him in the head and Rei is all kyahh again. Bleh. Credits roll. Then, a little extra. Wahh~ love those "oh it's over. wait. wait. MORE!" moments. Anyway, Rei is all psycho and bitchy with "you just hate him coz he's my boyfriend" sorts of remarks. Takashi turns to leave, and Rei is all "kyah~ I'm sorry! didn't mean it :(" which is when you just want to slap her.
They hug, and then SHOCK! THERE'S MORE! Takashi ends on a note that is somewhat along the lines of "that day, I killed my best friend, and held the girl I liked for the first time"
I was like :O :O :O THEY WERE FRIENDS? LOL I would have smacked his head in goooood if I was Takashi.

Anyway, onto the next part, the review!
Highly enjoyable. It reminded me of the most recent zombie-related film, Zombie Land! Oh gosh how I love that movie. I especially love the violence against women in this. And I'm a girl. So you know it's good. I loved it when Takashi slapped Rei. IN THE FACE :D She deserved it.
Also, the effects/techniques in the art is really good! The blood splatters are quite well designed, and it gives it a really nice touch. BUT WHY DON'T THEY EVER GET BLOOD ON THEIR CLOTHES? WHAT THE HELL MAN?
Other than that, it's enjoyable, action packed, lots of ecchi (though the boobs are a weird shape LOL =.=") and panchira galore, so this suggest we older otakus will love it :D

Takumii's notes:
Takumii is deeply looking forward to the next episode after watching the first. Good first episode much?!?! Honestly I haven't watched an anime that excites me this much for a long time. The first episode was really well done, The seiyuus were excellent too! >< Think besides Ga Rei zero, this will be my most favourite first episode :]

Hope, the rest will be as good as the first episode XD

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