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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ōkami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi review

I found this anime really enjoyable, and I know Kumii chan has already talked about this, but I'll do it again anyway :D

This anime pretty much follows the Otogi Ginko (t/l: otogi bank) and their adventures which are all pretty much fairy tale parodies. Main characters Ryoushi, Ringo and Ookami are rather fun, Ookami reminded me a lot of Taiga Aisaka (Tora-Dora) at the start, by the end there were still resemblances but it was only in the hair, haha. Character designs are also of pretty high quality, and the narration gives the whole anime a light atmosphere.

The fairy tale references, and even a reference to Prince Of Tennis (I lol'ed at this) are a nice touch. at 13 episodes, I think this anime has a bright future ahead~ :D

Takumii's notes:
well said, well said Kayla sama <3

1 comment:

KimmiKimchi~ said...

LOL Ryoushi is so adorable he just makes me wanna squish him xD Though he reminds me of the dude in bakemonogatari...just abit, but only in appearances. And ROFL that Tennis senpai's an M!xD