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Friday, July 2, 2010

Mascara Blues

Mascara Blues, is a collection of one shots by Sakisaka Io, who also wrote Strobe Edge (of which I am a big fan kyaah~)
Anyway, the second one shot in the collection was really good, "Draft of Romance"
 Tsuda san is shy around boys, but when she was entering high school, she tripped while running to get the bus and her belongings went flying everywhere. A boy helped her pick up her stuff, but the sun was shining, and she couldn't see his face, and never got to thank him properly. 
After a lot of searching, she recognizes him as a boy in her class, though she isn't completely sure it's him. He's scary and quiet, so Tsuda San doesn't talk to him. 
He approaches her almost half a year later, and learns that she writes novels. She finds he isn't really scary, but also very shy and easily embarrassed. However, she always avoids looking in his eyes, due to her shyness, and he becomes under the impression that she hates him.
Ahhh I won't say anymore :) You'll just have to read it :D

On a side note, Sakisaka's art is so recognizable after reading Strobe Edge so much, and the way the panels are set out is really interesting. 

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