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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Keep the Beats - Girls Dead Monster

It is finally here, the latest album from Girls Dead Monster, this album has some new inside songs but is mainly other old songs with different version to them. The album cover is a total coincidence to any other albums existing ..... I hope it is, maybe they couldn't think up of anything.

Album: Keep the Beats
Artist: Girls Dead Monster

1. Crow Song (Yui version)
2. Thousand Enemies
3. Shine Days
4. 23:50
5. Run With Wolves
6. Morning Dreamer
7. Rain Song
8. Alchemy (Yui version)
9. Ichiban no Takaramono (Yui version)
10. Little Braver (Album version)
11. My Song (Yui version)
12. My Soul, Your Beats (Girls Dead Monster version)
13. Little Braver (Girls Dead Monster version)


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