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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bleach 414

Bleach chap 414 is getting a lot of hype, and for those who know about bleach but can't be bothered to read it because... because it has 414 chapters, here's an update. If you haven't read it yet, and don't want to know what happens (fufu it's pretty epic, and I'm not a massive bleach fan) then I wouldn't look at anything past right here.


EIGHOHNLZGHPQHE GIN I LOVE YOU !!! LOL. He was also my 2nd favourite, after Hitsugaya. And yeahhhh I watched bleach before. shock. My friend recommended it to me AGES ago back when there was about 150 eps. I watched up to ep 130 really quickly, but by the time I got to 130, Bleach was up to like 200 eps and I couldn't be bothered anymore haha. But I still read the manga from time to time.

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