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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Alright so, I have a bunch of mangas (old and new) that I'm going to suggest for you guys to read. Yesterday I was talking to a manga otaku senpai of mine, and so he gave me a lot to read haha. the ones with ~ are shoujo ish and the : ones are shonen.
First up
Barajou No Kiss~

Middle schooler (? I think it's middle school) Agnes received a choker from her father when she was little, and he told her if she ever took it off she would receive an enormous punishment. Because of this, she gets bad looks from other people, and no matter what she does, she can't manage to take it off. Surprise surprise, one day it comes off. And her punishment is... 4 hot guys become her 'knights'? They go on wacky adventures haha.

Furuya is obsessed with bringing the dead back to life. When his cat Babu dies, he takes it as an opportunity to test out a recipe/spell he got his hands on. While at the abandoned building he was using to do this, he runs into Sanka High's prodigy student, Rea. (oh wow I just realised why it's called Sankarea. haha that's sad)   She, although a celebrity, says she lives a horrible life, and she wants to die, only to come back as someone new, to be able to live a normal life. They decide to work together to bring Babu back to life, and if it works, Furuya will use it on Rea to fulfill her dream of becoming someone new - although a zombie.

Her over protective dad comes to 'save' her from Furuya, because her dad thinks that he is not good for his daughter. In doing this, he pushes Rea off a cliff, where she falls to her death. BUT she drank some of Furuya's potion and now... she's a zombie?!

something I really really really really love about this manga is how Furuya-kun's always got cat ears :D nyaa~ fufufu~

Inu Neko Jump:
Ok this one is by the same author as Sankarea, Hattori Mitsuru, and it was advised by my otaku senpai, same as was Sankarea.

Takahiro was a successful long jump specialist in High school. However, in his last ever HS competition, he lost. After that he decided to quit. Now in college, Noriko, a girl who fell in love with him after watching him compete, wants him to join the college track and field club to get closer to him. Another girl, Yuki, believes that he took her virginty when they were in kindergarten, and thus he belongs to her.
Inu Neko Jump follows these characters in their strange but appealing world through a bunch of crazy situations.

Suki-tte Ii Na Yo~
Oh gosh I totally love this manga. When I first saw the cover I was like "hey that girl isn't a very typical manga style girl. BUT SHE'S SO CUTEEE :3" and so I read it haha.

Mei is a bit of an outcast at school. Everyone in her class says they've never even heard her speak. Through her 16 years of life, she's never had friends or a romantic partner. However, she mistakenly injures the most popular guy at school, Yamato, kicking him in the face, even though he didn't do anything. Strangely, he takes a liking to her, and decides that they're now friends. Furthermore, he decides to protect her from a stalker by kissing her?!

Their relationship in this manga is really good to read, it's shockingly addictive (I think the closest thing I could relate this to is Sweetheart I Lied About Loving You, and from our blogs stats, the post about that manga is actually the most viewed) However, there's only 12 chapters released, so it does leave you hanging :(

Musunde Hiraite~
I have a picture for this but it's refusing to upload dang it.
Furuya (haha another one) is a first year HS student. He's late to the entrance ceremony, but this allows him to run into and meet the top of the school student, Himari. He falls in love with her and confesses, but she rejects him straight out? Later, he drops his phone at school, knowing that it has a picture of Himari on it as his wall paper, he's worried about who will pick it up. He soon finds out that Himari has picked it up - oh dear he looks like a real stalker now. She comes to his house t he next day to drop it off. As she's leaving before even coming inside, Furuya's older sister comes out and yay for him, his sister is friends with Himari and so she comes inside. From this he learns that she is androphobic (scared of men). How will their relationship evolve after this?

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