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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Some stats for you guys!

The above map is an overall view of where you guys - the readers - are coming from! There's also a couple in Russia, but this map is a bit wonky because if any of you guys use blogger you know how the stats are categorized.

Anyway, onto the point of the post. SMASH! The more artsy convention out of Supanova, SMASH! and Animania that visit us here in Sydney. It's coming up this Saturday 7th August, and just a shout out to anyone that's going, the team here is also going! Except Takumii that damn otaku. >.>

You'll probably see us wondering around, though Kayla (me) will be in the doodling comp pretty much all day kekeke~ And Jayce will be wandering around buying figures...
If you can spot us feel free to come say hi!

Jayce got me doodling out a bunch of little 'ticket' things to advertise with. If any of you are lucky enough to receive one, you'll know how much of a bored. Bored kid I am fufu~

If you're going to be there give us a comment!

Jayce's notes
Yep I'll be handing out random brochure/poster thingos or leaving them around so if you spot them anywhere you'll know I've been past there, I'll be easily recognizable because I would normally have a couple of boxes of figures in my hand so give me a holla. Hope to see you there and have fun people XD

Takumii's notes
Sorry guys, I won't be able to join the team for smash that day. Reason being, I'm too poor right now. Therefore, I need to start saving up for the mighty animania instead. You can count on me for going to animania because it'll be my first time >:]

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