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Friday, June 25, 2010

Working!! Episode 12

Inami apologizes for breaking the "magic hand" the instrument Takanshi uses to hand things to Inami, but it seems Takanashi has already ordered another. Yamada and Poplar show up and Yamada nearly spills the fact that they went to Takanashi's house to sleep over because they were afraid of the ghost stories. Takanashi is hiding it from Poplar afraid that she might find out about his sisters. Takanashi is about to go home as the restaurant closes as he leaves Poplar begins to go on about Takanashi's cross dressing to Jun and wonders if he would ever cross dress for her again, she has fallen in love with his "womanly figure" and "height". Poplar thinks Takanashi hates her because she likes his cross dressing which Inami rejects, overhearing her from the change rooms, Jun comments that Takanshi likes small things thus he would like Poplar. Poplar discovers Takanashi's student notepad and his monthly commuter pass and decides to return it to him at his house after seeing his address. Inami panics as Takanshi's efforts at not letting Poplar in his house just fell to pieces and she cannot stop her as she is changing.

Poplar arrives at Takanashi's house and meets his eldest sister who takes an immediately liking to her, most likely due to her height.His other sisters Kozue and Nazuna appear at the door, Takanshi returns home and finds Poplar at his front door with three of his sisters and is shocked. The next morning Poplar feels down from yesterday's events, she thinks Takanashi does not trust her as his senior as she discusses yesterday's events with Inami at Wagnaria, Takanashi shows up and feels bad for making Poplar feel bad. Takanashi goes off to serve a customer and Inami attempts to make Poplar feel better which backfires twice, and makes Poplar even madder. Takanashi comes back and apologizes, and says he will do anything she says, regretting that comment when he realises she might make him cross dress, instead Poplar asks him to go out on a date with Inami who appears just in time to hear Poplar. Poplar claims its a way make him understand a maiden's heart, Takanashi immediately thinks its a bad idea as he would just get hit every time, Souma apparently listening in comes up with the idea that Takanashi should cross dress thus having no problems as Inami wouldn't see him as a man and hit him, he also claims that it would be better if her first date was with a guy she likes, Inami is still shocked at the idea. Takanashi agrees to the date but not to cross dressing.

Inami worries about the date and meets Takanashi around a corner unexpectedly and once again hits him. Takanashi is knocked out and when he comes to, he sees Souma and Jun looking over him, Souma once again suggesting to crossdress so he doesn't get hit. Inami, Yamada and Poplar have a discussion about Inami's man-phobia, Poplar comes up with an idea to restrain Inami from hitting Takanashi, ropes and a handcuff. Inami is tied up and cuffed and a test trial is run in the kitchen with Jun and Souma, Poplar tells them they can touch her without being hit but the boys instead poke her with cooking chopsticks, still finding Inami scary. Out of the blue, Jun begins to make jurisdictions between them, Poplar gives up and heads over to Takanshi dragging Inami behind her. They try it out with Takanashi who comes within one meter of her only to get kicked away, Takanashi has apparently already tried this method and claims there are more ways she can attack a man even while restrained. Inami does not want to go to the date afraid of hitting Takanashi more, but he does not mind.

Takanashi and Inami leave together and the soon part ways to their houses. Takanashi arrives home and explains to Nazuna he will be out tomorrow while they're cleaning the dishes, he tells her that he is going out on a date with Inami, Nazuna believing her brother is a sadist backs away, Takanashi soon returns to his room to lay out his clothes. Meanwhile Inami is panicking over what she should wear, and where they should go. During her panic she notices a romance novel in her bookcase and begins reading it, her mother enters her room and asks why clothes are littered all over her room, Inami explains to her mother that she cant decide what to wear or wear, her mother comments that she must like Takanashi a lot and tells her to get to bed early so she wouldn't be tired in the morning. Inami on the verge of sleep remembers that nothing has been planned out and both Takanashi and Inami are looking out their windows pondering on tomorrow's date.

Jayce's notes:
I now understand where Takanashi inherits his love for small things, his eldest sister, never would of thought of that. I still love how Souma randomly shows up out of nowhere and knows everything that's going on instantly and I wont ever get tired of Inami's random beatings of Takanashi or her panic outbursts. I'm surprised Poplar actually didn't tell Takanashi to cross dress I guess the series is going to have to end somehow its a shame though. Still cant wait for the next episode, finally the moment of truth Inami x Katanashi!!

Takumi's notes:
Finally the Inami x Katanashi!! was hoping for it ever since Inami appeared at the end of episode 1. Her personality is beyond cuteness! I really enjoyed the character of Inami, makes my day every time I watch Working. At least it won't be an anime which will leave relationships undecided and have no progress or ending in the last episode. Expectation for Working +1 XD

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