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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bakuman 89

Bakuman 89~
Ahh T.T this chapter really got to me, in a good way.
Chapter outline:
PCP is out for it's first release, and all are eagerly awaiting the early votes from the readers to be released. At about 4pm, Hattori shows up at the studio to deliver the results personally. He is so shocked at the results, and says he's never seen anything like it before. Competing with a one shot, Ashirogi managed to place 1st, with 422 votes, beating 2nd place by over 150 votes.
Akina hears that Takagi and Hattori have beaten her, and tells her editor Miura that she will rewrite all of +Natural, and have Eiji redraw everything that has not yet been released.

Eiji agrees saying, that's the kind of enthusiasm he wants, especially since his "Crow" only got 401 votes on it's first chapter.

Hattori shows Ashirogi a bunch of data and graphs etc, when Mashiro asks to show it to someone. Thinking he wants to show it to Azuki, Mashiro surprised them all when they went to a graveyard to show his dead uncle that they did what he never could - place first in JUMP magazine.

Wahhh~ don't you just love Mashiro's determined face, below?

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