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Thursday, June 24, 2010

News for the girls~

I was reading a news article on the male anime characters who were named top ten, I guess. For anyone out there who has either read or watched Kimi Ni Todoke (t/l: reaching you), our dear beloved Kazehaya Shouta ranked at no# 4!
Due to this, I will do a post on Kimi Ni Todoke, and how I do love it so.
Sawako is creepy, she curses students and teachers if they have eye contact with her for more than 3 seconds. She has the nickname "Sadako", the name of the girl from the horror movie, The Ring. Kazehaya is the popular, handsome, perfect guy.  Even though Sadako is so creepy, Kazehaya talks to her in their first year of high school, and finds that a) she's not cursed and b0 she's actually nice, just really shy.
Kazehaya gets her some friends, Chizu and Ayane. Kazehaya's and Chizu's childhood friend Ryuu also become part of their group. Kazehaya helps Sawako to open up to their classmates, and she becomes an active part of the school. Due to this, Sawako starts to like Kazehaya, though she is unaware, and this leads to Ayane meddling, and putting the pair together in all sorts of situations. A love rival comes in the form of Kurumi, though Kazehaya admits to himself that he likes Sawako, and the two go on to become very close.

This manga was adapted into an anime of 2009, and boy was it popular... If you haven't read it, then watch it. If you haven't watched it then read it. ALSO, it is being currently adapted into a live action film. At first, it was said to be a drama series, but was later changed.

These are the set actors, Mikako Tabe playing Sawako, and Haruma Miura playing Kazehaya. For anyone who is thinking "oh I've seen that guy somewhere...." He was in the lovely dovely movie Koizora (t/l: sky of love) and Crow Zero (bwahahaha omg please go watch this it's hilarious.)

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KimmiKimchi~ said...

so who's number one?? 83 and LOL after seeing ur comment, i guess i'll go search for crow zero too xD and YAY! Kazehaya ranked number 4!