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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Working!! Episode 10

The episode starts off with a recap of last weeks episode by Souma and Yamada, Yamada briefly cosplaying as Kotori chan from the last episode, at the end of this recap Kyouko san informs them that she will be gone for a business trip for a week, Yachiyo is then seen horrified at this information. Inami thanks Takanashi for the help and promises to work harder, Takanshi notices she is standing further away than usual and starts to wonder why, with the help of Poplar he begins to think Inami sees him as a pervert or a transvestite, he goes up and questions Inami who confuses him and ends up punching him. Inami confesses to Poplar later about her feelings and Inami gets confused once again and nearly ends up breaking the wall with her fingers.

Souma has printed out pictures of Takanashi cross dressing as Kotori chan, Takanashi asks why he did that and he told he had a special request from someone to print them out for them, Poplar appears and Souma instantly hands the photos over to her who thanks him for his time. Inami finds a dejected Takanshi at the back and asks if this was her fault, Takanashi replies with an energetic yes and states that it was all because of her man phobia so he sets up a mission, their objective: Inami holding hands with Takanshi as they walk home, Takanashi gets a beating for that. Meanwhile Yachiyo is having problems not having Kyouko san around. Souma suggests she replace Kyouko with Jun, she begins treating him very nicely and insists that she make something for him to eat, his constant objections don't falter her though, Yachiyo suggests that they call each other by their first names as she prefers Yachiyo to Todoroki, claiming that they are good friends, this annoys Jun.

On their way home Takanshi's sister Nazuna sees Takanashi and Inami walking home together, not holding hands but holding the claw contraption Takanashi keeps on him. She is instantly concludes that Inami is her brothers girlfriend. The next day Jun is about to call Yachiyo by her first name for the first time but Kyouko san suddenly returns early and Yachiyo's attention is instantly drawn away to Kyouko san, Jun is once again angry at Kyouko. Kyouko san tells everyone that they have a new staff member training here for a day, Nazuna. Kyouko was persuaded by Nazuna with gifts and Nazuna's intention of working at Wagnaria was to find out more about her brothers girlfriend. Nazuna says to Inami that she saw them walking together at which point Inami freezes up and drops the dish she was cleaning, flustered she goes off getting a broom to sweep up the remains of the dish, a moment later she runs into Takanashi in front of Nazuna and punches him, she is shocked at why her brother got punched and he easily waved it off telling her it happened all the time. Nazuna gets the impression that her brother is a masochist and questions Inami about it, Inami is goes off in her own little world once she heard the word "like" and does not hear the rest of the question, she agrees to everything Nazuna asks and Nazuna is now certain that her brother is a masochist. She approaches him and states that no matter his interest she will love him all the same.

After-wards Inami apologizes for all the ruckus she caused again, Takanashi says that it will be all over and they will stop meeting each other once he cured her man phobia. Inami goes into a state of shock afraid of losing Takanashi, but just after he declares that it probably wont happen anyway ad that he would be by her side forever.

Jayce's notes:
I don't think the anime has advanced any further, out of this episode all we got out of it was Inami's confession to Poplar and the fact that Nazuna now thinks her brother is a masochist. Although I'm starting to hope for the Yachiyo x Jun pairing but Yachiyo just seems so clueless about anything besides Kyouko san that I doubt it will happen soon. It seems Inami and Takanashi's relations are improving ..... I think. 

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