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Friday, June 11, 2010


Clannad is probably one of the most captivating anime I have ever seen. With its beautiful art, made by Kyoto Animation, and coming from a visual novel made by Key.

The story revolves around a high school kid named Tomoya, who is labeled as a "delinquent". He hates his life, the city he lives in, and how he just lives the same days over and over again, with nothing interesting, until his whole life changes when he meets Furukawa Nagisa during his regular walk up the hill. This anime is a high school drama/comedy/romance. This anime hinges around the drama club, where Nagisa earnestly wants to do drama. As the anime continues, the story begins to talk about the other girls and their personal problems, mainly along the lines of family.

The art, music especially, and plot, all fit together perfectly. The music is absolutely touching, and the story builds up further and further until you just burst into tears.

There is also a side story - within the story. It's about a young girl and a robotic doll all alone in another world. This story talks about the robot doll wanting to be born in this lonely world that has ended. But why? And how does this side story even fit into the main story? Find out if u haven't watched it yet!!

My personal opinion of this anime -
This story uses comedy when introducing new things and characters into the story, making it not boring. But as the story of one of the girls builds up and up, and then the climax, it just blows you away. There is no real word to explain how amazing and sad the climax are. It's just.........sweet, sad and beautiful.

For plot, it's 9.5/10, music 9/10, art 10/10 (as long as you watch .mkv vids =] ). So in the end..... 9.5/10.

Everyone who watches Clannad should know about the second season of Clannad, named "Clannad After Story", and it is definitely better than Clannad season 1, although it is recommended to watch the first season to get an idea of the story first.

For basically anyone who watches or wants to start watching anime, WATCH CLANNAD!! ><

Jayce's notes:
From the first moment of watching the first episode of Clannad I had high hopes and I wasn't let down. There was never a moment where I thought Clannad was a waste of time, never a moment where I did not love a single bit of it, as Charlie said the storyline, the music, the charcater designs the art, its all so captivating and there are moments when you cant help but pause and just take in the colours and art. The Clannad series including Clannad After Story is the most touching anime I have seen so far, I haven't not yet been able to find another like it, nothing can compare to its deep storyline that drags you in, delving you into the lives of the characters. I agree 100% on Charlies rating. Drama seekers and tear jerking plot lovers will absolutely be bawling over this anime, its not an anime you can afford to miss out on.

Kayla Sama's notes:
I watched the first episode. Thought it was boring. Never watched it again.


Anonymous said...

When can we expect a blu ray release for After Story?

Takumii XD said...

Actually in Australia, Clannad AS is on blu ray by Viz Media. It can be purchased through JB Hifi. Hope that can help you!