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Saturday, June 12, 2010

New manga releases

Strobe Edge
I haven't read a shojo this good in forever. It's a complicated love/high school story about Ninako, Ren, Andou and a few others including Ninako's male best friend, Ren's girlfriend etc. Anyway, Strobe Edge 19 came out today, and ahh if you didn't Kyaah at it there's something weird about you. (50 page releases)
Ninako has entered high school, and soon falls in love with the most beautiful guy - Ichinose Ren. However he has been known to reject every girl that confesses to him. Ninako's best friend Daiki is also in love with her, but she's unaware. He warns her about Ren, and tries to get her to fall in love with him before she confesses. However, a girl in their class Sayuri later falls in love with Daiki and he forgets about his love for Ninako. Ninako, through a series of events, becomes close with Ren and everyone is quite shocked by Ren becoming friends with a girl, making everyone believe he is also in love with her. She later finds out the reason he rejects everyone is because he has a girlfriend, Mayu, who is also Daiki's older sister. Ren's best friend Andou falls in love with Ninako, and also tries to make her fall in love with him instead of Ren, but she rejects him. However, the three (Ninako, Ren and Andou) become close friends, and everyone is aware of their situation.
A boy in Ren's class, Manabu, sees the relatioinships going on and wants Ren and Ninako to get together. He becomes Ninako's supporter. Ren and Andou also develop a rivalry.
Spoilers Chap 19:
Ninako decides she won't give up on Ren, however, she will no longer show affection for him. As she comes to this conclusion, Ren and Mayu are on a date, where Mayu ends the date by breaking up with Ren. She says it's because she always believed that Ren would grow wings and fly off without her, and she has come to accept the changes in her heart, and that Ren should also do the same. Mayu tells Ren to stop trying to push the other girl that is close to his heart away forcibly. Ren sits by himself in a park, and says that Mayu was his first love.

Chapter 89
Character designs are shown in this chapter, and Ashirogi Muto redoes the entire chapter 1 of Perfect Crime Club. They hold the New year's party.
Hattori and Miura formally switch places as editors, and Miura meets Nizuma for the first time.
(haha I just love Eiji's facials in this page~)

And lastly~
Angel Beats Heaven's Door chapter 3 is released~ I'm reading it now, will post about it later, I think this is long enough. Also Angel Beats ep 11 is out yesterday~ I'm sure someone will post about that probably later today.

Have a good weekend minna~

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