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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What is Akihabara?

What is Akihabara and why is it so famous for? Well this video of Dannychoo explains all.

Akihabara is a famous suburb in Tokyo/Japan which is famous for anime/manga/games/technology good. A must go suburb in Tokyo if you are an anime fan; that is if you are into anime to the extreme like me :P I went and I loved it. Though I just went there for less than 3 hours, I craved to go again. Reason being, I just spent my whole 3 hours in one super 5 stories apartment store. Sigh what a waste...

Takumii is lucky he even got to go, I have yet to experience Akihabara myself and theres not a word that can explain how dearly I want to go. All the anime and games and the technology to see and touch, its like heaven on earth ......... *daydreaming*

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