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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kyou, koi wo hajimemasu chap 47

Chapter 47:

The couples contest begins, where Rika is teamed up with Kyouta, and Tsubaki is teamed with Halstead. If Tsubaki wins, she gets her beloved Kyouta back, and Rika must tell Halstead the truth about their break-up from their previous relationship.
After participating in various games to win points, Kyouta and Rika are in first place, on 420 points, when the next activity is to find your partner's hand blindly, and whoever guesses right wins 200 points. Tsubaki, while searching for Halstead's hand, recognizes Kyouta's and he in return also recognises hers (awwww).
The next game is based purely on the couples who look good together. While getting dressed in the girls' room, Rika is shocked at Tsubaki's beautiful appearance - after all she is the girl who styles everyone's hair etc in school - and on the very last page, spoils her dress!

:O *shocked face* not really, we all knew Rika was a bitch.

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