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Monday, June 21, 2010

7th Period Is a Secret

7Th Period Is A Secret~

Author~ Chiba Kozue
Shun is a shy student who has started attending a new high school. Jun-Chan is the popular, young and new teacher at the same school. All the students are close with him and they call him Jun-Chan even though he is a teacher due to their small age gap. Shun hides her personality in order to gain friends, believing they won't like the "real" Shun. Jun sees through this and makes her help out in class in order to gain friends. Slowly, Shun falls in love with Jun-Chan, even though he is her teacher.

Ok, so yes, teacher-student relationships are a no-no, but oh after you read this you think hehe, they're not so bad... Inappropriate, maybe, but sweet and very shoujo-y and no smut/ecchi scenes. One of my favourites, especially since it's only 3 chapters long. But on the other hand, I love it so much I want to see where their relationship goes!

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