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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sweetheart I lied about loving you,


Or in roomaji, kanojo wa uso wo aishisugiteru, This manga is surprisingly good, and it caught my attention a lot~
Riko is a high schooler who loves the band Crude Play (CP) and is very simple minded. Aki is the bands founder, but just as the band was about to debut, he dropped out, yet myseteriously still writes the music for them. His appearance and such is a mystery to the band's fans. One day, Aki stumbles across Riko and says "do you believe in love at first sight?" Riko takes him seriously and they start dating, but she doesn't know that he is CP's Aki. Aki was previously dating Mari, who is an up and coming star, alongside CP, but he finds that she is just using him, and leaves her for Riko~
Riko also wants to be a singer and has a band with her childhood friend  Yuu-chan, but Aki tells her he hates girls that sing due to Mari breaking his heart, and Riko keeps her band a secret. Her child hood friend Yuu-chan is in love with Riko and therefore hates Aki.
There are so many moments in this manga that really make it very emotional, and Aki randomly starts singing sweet lyrics that make you go kyaaah~ I actually give this 5 stars, and I never do that, I'm so picky. But for some reason this manga just really stands out to me.

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