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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sekirei: Pure Engagement

As a major fan who likes sekirei whether it is the anime or the manga I just love whatever as long as the word sekirei is involved. From the beginning to the very end of season 1, I watched every week on time. I also loved the manga which is still my top 5 mangas on my list. Seeing sekirei uncompleted in season 1 got me really irritated and desperate. Finally, the long waited 2 years has finished and sekirei: pure engagement (season 2) will finally be back.

Sekirei is about an university examiner who has failed his university entrance test for 3 years (NEET), Sahashi Minato. Minato's life was normal and boring until one day his met a girl; a girl with the crest mark of sekirei. Minato's life will change forever after he met her and together, they are in for a plan called the 'Sekirei Project' where they have to fight to the very end...

Typical anime story at first but not really that typical later on as the story kept getting better and better. This is truly a romantic love story where they fight in absolute beauty. This anime after 3 years are still in my top 3 animes list. I just love everything about it. Plus, this is the first anime which makes me like every single female characters. They are too hard to choose >< Kuu-chan's cuteness, Tsukumi's tsundere personality and many females in the anime made me jealous of Minato to the extreme. Proud to say my first 10/10 anime XD

Let's hope Pure engagement will rock our world once more time just like in 2007

Kayla Sama's notes:
oh this anime made me LOL so hard. I think I watched it before everyone else here did, even Takumii, but at the time we didn't know each other. I'm pretty sure I started watching it when it's 2nd or 3rd ep came out. I remember a female friend recommended it to me, so all the girls out there, its ecchi-ness is tolerable, and kinda funny. Boys, oh you will be satisfied. In S1, the fight where Musubi-Chan fought naked was pretty epic, and only her hands covered her, and at the end she said "I protected my dignity!"
Well, she didn't, but it was still epic~

Jayce's notes:
ECCHI, about sums it up for Sekirei. Honestly though it was a good series a lot of comedic relief here and a good plot, Takumii about summed it up pretty well, even though Im not as enthusiastic as those two above me Im pretty excited to see what happens after ..... after ..... wow its been that long. Anyway its a good series for, lots of laughter and lots of fan service. The premiere for it is already released.

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