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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Supanova Sydney 2010

First I want to congratulate GG Charlie in his victory in the Samsung Asphalt 5 Competition, he will be flying to LA with the new Samsung phone and $1000 in hand to compete in the finals and face the producers in a race. So I hope him the best of luck even though he's flying in September, I'll be seeing and asking him questions soon so I will post more information later or if he feels he'll be posting it himself.

Now on to Supanova, we as in Jayce, Takumii, GG Charlie a friend of mine Carl and Takumii's and GG Charlie's friend ben (unfortunately Kayla Sama couldn't join us) had our first meeting at Supanova on Saturday the 19th. So many anime goods, so many games, so many people and most importantly, so many COSPLAYS.

Takumii arrived before I did with Ben and GG Charlie had called me earlier on saying he would be arriving late. Takumii had got there an hour before us so we got a good spot in the queue. To pass on the time me and Takumii decided to yell out the names of characters who the people were cosplaying, we got a few waves and smiles back and I have a feeling we scared some people off, sorry. I have to make note of this, there was a near perfect Hunter costume there, if you're a bit confused I mean the Hunter from Left 4 Dead.

(Left) Takumii, (Right) Ben
After taking the pics we waited for a couple of minutes and grudgingly watched pre paid people walk in first, damn you ticketek lol. So we got in and our first stop was Game straight ahead of us because last year there were free posters and this year there were free posters and dirt cheap games, but none of us owned an Xbox, the Wii games were boring and the PC game was a monthly subscription. We walked around some more looking at the stores and prices of different anime figures and after an hour or so I broke the ice and made the first purchase a Miku Hatsune Diva Project figure at $45 a good price considering the others were $60 and $99. Takumii also found a Mio figure he really wanted but he didn't yet make his purchase.  Carl also purchased a sword which he took back because he found a cooler one so he got his money back and got the cooler one.

After my purchase I was being extremely protective of my bag where Miku was, every cosplay we ran across we had to stop and take a picture, like this Alien. Then the Final Fantasy group in the cosplay chess area
(Left) Carl, (Middle) Ben, (Right) Jayce
(Left) Jayce, (Middle) Takumii, (Right) Ben

And also the Initial D car near the entrance

Carl got his sword taken off him as it was deemed dangerous if it wasn't in a box (this year all weapons that were over a metre long got taken off them).We took a break so we went upstairs and this picture was taken

A couple of minutes break which didn't last long when we spotted some Toradora cosplay, me and Takumii quite literally got up and ran to take a picture (a bit desperate much).

From left to right - Jayce, Aisaka, Minorin, Haruhi, Takumii

On our way back we got side tracked with Serah from Final Fanatasy XIII and Celty from Durarara.

We headed back upstairs where we left Carl with the bags and I ran into one of my favourite characters Chii, except she was dark Chii

GG Charlie arrived so I left with Carl to go see him outside in the queue that was now 1km long, maybe that was exaggerating a bit but it went all the way to the next street, it was a long street. So eventually GG Charlie got in pretty quickly and we began our ..... 4th lap of Supanova, Takumii ended up buying Mio with my little help in the money section for a grand total of $125

We split up and me, GG charlie and Carl explored the games section while Takumii and Ben went off, we met up at MacDonalds a minute walk from outside the Venue ate a minute and watched Takumii dive for Mio that was slowly being blown away by the really strong winds. They had taken some pictures of cosplays in the entrance

We walked around a bit more and Carl had to go so he left and we were down to 4 people, more walking and sidetracks (at this point my feet were killing me) and Ben decided to get a sword, he got it even cheaper than Carl did but this time he walked 2 meters before it got taken off him, perfect timing Suapnova staff, its like you have sword radars or something. Ben and Takumii left an hour later so me and GG Charlie went over to the games section to kill the time, an hour went past in the Samsung competition which landed me in 12th place and GG Charlie obviously on 1st, such a serious gamer. The day sadly ends but a lot of memories and a lot of pictures are taken. Once again congratulations GG Charlie, kick their asses for us!!

Kayla Sama's notes:
ehhh unfair, it was my sisters birthday :( I couldn't go.

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