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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Angel Beats! Episode 11

Otonashi is standing in front of the vending machines as the bell rings and decides to go see Tenshi, on his way there he ponders about who should pass on next and stumbles across Hinata and Naoi who were waiting for him, Naoi and Hinata apparently did not know that they were waiting for him just meters apart as they didn't come together. The two have a fight over who should be the better assistance for Otonashi in completing his task of passing everyone over, Hinata and Otonashi are surprised that Naoi knows about Otonashi's plans, as the speak and argue a shadow rises up behind Naomi and engulfs, apparently attempting to take over him. Otonashi tackles him and the shadow leaves Naoi's body to charge at Hinata and Otonashi who open fire until it vanishes. Yusa is viewing from atop a nearby building and reports to Yuri of their engagement of the "shadow", Yuri doubts that this is a creation of Tenshi as something doesn't feel right about it, she tells Yusa to order everyone to keep in groups of two and stay on guard.

A broadcast over the PA system by Yuri announces that she wants to see Tenshi in the student council office. Otonashi, Hinata and Naoi joins them in the office and Yuri questions Tenshi's involvement with the shadows and asks if she has made any additions to the Angel Player program, Tenshi informs her that she made wings for decorative purposes suggested by someone, Yuri asks who and Naoi steps in claiming that he did knowing that if he lied Otonashi will not be any danger. Yuri asks permission to go through Tenshi's computer and Tenshi complies, Yuri is confused about Tenshi's behavior assuming she would be more violent and gets suspicious, Naoi steps in again saying that she is very violent when she's in a bad mood and that he gets stabbed repeatedly because of it but today however she seems to be in a good mood. Gunshots are heard from the balcony and Hinata, Otonashi, Naoi and Tenshi walk over to have a look, SSS members are surrounded by shadows and are attempting to ward them off, Otonashi tells Tenshi to help them and she leaps off and activates her wings, however all she plummets as the wings are decorative but at the very last moment she flaps her wings and steadies her fall. Yuri comes running out and jumps off the balcony and enters the fray along with Tenshi, Otonashi follows and assuming by Hinata and Naoi's looks they take the stairs and join too. In the middle of the fight Yuri witnesses one of the NPCs suddenly turn into a shadow and begin fighting, the fight finishes and all the members are exhausted. Fujimaki comes running up and claims that Takamashi was swallowed by one of the shadows, Ooyama witnessed his consummation, leaving only his glasses behind. Takamatsu is apparently in class the next morning and upon asking him questions about his encounters which yield no answers, Yuri pulls them out of the class and tells everyone of her discovery, Takamatsu was turned into an NPC when his soul was consumed by the shadow.

A meeting of all SSS members is held in the school hall, Yuri informs them of their situation and informs everyone that an individual among them has found another solution out. She calls Otonashi to explain what he has been attempting to do, he's surprised that Yuri knew his actions all along but puts that aside and begins explaining. The SSS members are unhappy of Otonashi's plans, however he is backed up by Hinata and Naoi, confused the SSS members turn to Yuri for help but she declares she would not be helping anyone and that it is their own road to walk down, while she does what she pleases. After the meeting Tenshi, Yuri, Naoi, Otonashi and Hinata are outside discussing their plans, Yuri wants Tenshi to divert the shadows attention and claims that she knew all along that Tenshi wasn't gods messenger but a normal human being, everyone else is shocked that Tenshi is in fact only human, Yuri is going about her own way ignoring the objections from Hinata and Otonashi. Separate scenes of the SSS members are seen here in different locations as they ponder what they will do and what road they will take. Yuri is apparently reloading her weapons and thinks over of ways someone could program the NPCs to turn into shadows and attack them using a program similar to Angel Player, she concludes that they need a lot of computers, one for each student and she concludes that the only place with that many computers is the library. She enters the library and there is an old man who is setting up new computers, Yuri is suspicious and asks why he is setting them up, he claims people have been stealing them as the specs are high so he sets new ones up all the time, they leave the library and the man locks the room but as soon as he is out of sight she breaks in and searches it wondering how a robber could get in. Upon stepping on an odd sounding tile she removes it by shooting at it and reveals a hatch leading down to the tunnels leading to "Guild".

Jayce's notes:
Angel Beats continues to surprise me every episode, its sporadic changes are so confusing and wants you leaving more. I said last episode that they may extend the series but after this episodes events I don't think that will happen anymore. I'm sensing a Hinata x Yuri love here during the conversation outside, I still think a Hinata x Yui love would be better but unfortunately Yui isn't here with us anymore. Yuri's orders on making the SSS members choose their own path has now effectively got everyone to either pass on or meet their end with the shadows. Yuri's discovery of the shaft leading down to "Guild" was a bit surprising but going down there is getting a bit repetitive. Now there is a new possibility of the series being extended again, because if Yuri is able to stop the one playing "God" there wouldn't be a need to pass on or fight the shadows anymore, but my theory is that Yuri will pass on someway or another. There is the mystery man who is playing "God" in guild to think about too, another interesting episode. So much to think about but so little episodes left, only two more episodes until the last, its ending so quickly and the new season is almost starting soon, geez three months has gone by fast.

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