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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ga Rei: Zero

Ga Rei's manga just ended with chapter 52. I must say it was kind of abrupt, I didn't really think it would end so soon.
I'll keep this epically short. Kagura's father has a spirit in him called Byakuei who has been inherited by their family for generations. He sends Kagura to Yomi and her father for training to inherit Byakuei. She grows up with them and becomes a part of the organization that puts spirits to rest in the human world. Yomi turns evil yadda yadda yadda Kagura tries desperately to save her. Yomi dies a few times and always somehow manages to come back to life.
The anime is just plain... WOW. It's set in pre-manga times though, so it's called Ga Rei Zero.
If you want your brain to implode, watch it.

Jayce's notes:
The last 5 minutes of the first episode will leave you saying WHAT!?!?!?! No joke, everyone I know who has seen this series has done that. The first 5 minutes of the first episode is also very gory, I mean a bunch of mutant zombies and a giant dinosaur look a like monster getting shot at by soldiers getting torn a part by the mutant zombies and the stegosaurus monster cross is the definition of gory for this anime. The plot was just pure awesomeness too, I have to admit though it is confusing at times, but its an action packed anime with drama, romance and comedy; who cares. So basically Kayla sama has summed up the entire plot for you so I wont have to do that. Its a must watch, I'm certain that most people will love watching Ga Rei Zero.

Takumii's notes:
Yes yes, I was the one who got them addicted. It was when they said to me I'm too addicted to anime; I gave Jayce the anime to watch and changed them. Anyways, Ga Rei Zero is definitely worthy to watch. It will pump you up from episode 1 to all the way to the end. Don't assume you will get the whole plot by just watching the first episode, it will be impossible XD

GG-Charlie's notes:
It's true when Jayce said that at the end of ep 1 you would be like........HOLY !@#$ WHAT THE !@#$!!!! This gets you sooo hyped up to continue watching this anime and don't worry if you don't understand what just happened, everything will make sense if you watch the next episodes. This anime is truly GG :)

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