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Monday, May 31, 2010

Working!! Episode 9

Episode 9 of Working!! is here. It starts off with a worried looking Inami chan, her worries stem from the fact that her father found out that she got a present on "White day" a day where boys return chocolates they received from girls on "Valentines day" a week before, her mother had apparently told her father.

Inami's father is extremely protective of her and goes to the extent of telling her that all men are evil wolves, thus her man-phobia originates, after believing her fathers story, she sees her father of no exception, thus her father being the first victim. So to cover the truth she lied about the present saying it was from a girl called Takanashi and that these days even girls give presents on "White day"

Inami pleads with Takanashi to cross dress as a woman after explaining what she had told her parents. Takanshi has already had bad experiences cross dressing as a child and did not want to relive it again, but after seeing Inami's desperate attempt Takanashi agrees to help her and surprises her by walking up to her as a woman.

Her father is seen leaving the train station and Takanashi's training as a woman begins, he/she is given the nickname Kotori chan by Satou, after serving a customer he/she comes back looking mortified, one of the male customers had called him/her "cute". Inami's father arrives shortly at the restaurant and takes his seat. Takanashi goes up to serve him, watched by Yamada, Inami, Tanashima and Todoroki, and he immediately asks if there is someone by the name of Takanashi working here.

Takanashi declares he is the person he is looking for and Inami's father is instantly relived of the fact that Takanashi isn't a boy, although he does wonder if Takanshi is cross dressing as he is a bit tall. Takanashi suddenly spots the rifle and thinks that Inami's father would go to any extent to not allow his daughter to make contact with men, at this point Inami rushes out shouting at her father for being so rude, a male customer walks by brushing Inami and her father instantly reacts by pointing the rifle at him. Inami gets mad at him and storms off but her father notices none of this and even comments on her cuteness even when angry.

Takanashi brings up the subject of why Inami's father made Inami scared of men simply by calling them wolves. Inami's father goes on explaining how that was not all he did to make her fear and hit men, listing a variety of movies and stories, even secretly putting weights in her belongings so she could hit men harder.

Takanashi instantly gets mad at his poor parenting and begins to lecture him on it. Still thinking that Takanashi is a woman he is afraid of his/her manly outburst, it all ends with Takanashi telling him to go back home and write to apologize to Inami as he can not see her because of her man-phobia. Inami appears to have fallen in love with Takanashi after the outburst. Takanashi apologizes for his outburst and Inami's father but Inami thinks otherwise. Takanashi thinks Inami is mad at him but the truth is shes now in love with him .... or her.

Jayce's notes:
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I probably laughed this whole episode, It was hilarious to hear a male seiyuu try and sound as feminine as possible. I already knew that Takanashi was a cross dresser as a child but I never thought that he would be a convincing one even when hes in his teens. It was obvious about the Inami x Takanashi relationship though, I knew they went well with each other.... but I'm not too sure if Inami fell for male Takanashi or female Takanashi. If you ever get parents like this, don't make your friend cross dress I'm pretty sure these things only work in animes and I'm sure that your parents aren't going to get fooled.

Takumii's notes:
I love working even more thanks to this episode. As an Inami fan, this is just too adorable. Epic episode! As expected from my favourite anime of the season.

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