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Saturday, May 29, 2010


Bakuman is the latest (well it's not new but it's the most recent) from the creators of Death Note. It's really nothing like Death Note except for the art style, and I personally think Hattori-San and Ryuk look awfully similar haha. Anyway Chapter 87 has been released and it's quite packed full of events for only 20 pages.
It starts with the two main characters Takagi-Kun and Mashiro-Kun in Jr High. After a series of events the two decide to pair up and become mangaka. With Takagi writing the stories, and using Mashiro's drawings they become Askirogi Muto, and their first publication comes after Nizuma Eiji - a manga genius who's in high school- is published, wining a manga competition in Jump! magazine.
The manga follows their careers as professional mangakas and the goal they are working towards.

Ok so there is a lot more to it than that, but I don't really want to write a whole essay about it. Which I could if you asked me to haha. Some little extra bits in it is that Mashiro made a deal with the girl he likes in Jr High that they won't be together until his mangas get an anime and she will be the voice actress for it. So all the mangas Ashirogi Muto makes always has a character just for her in it. Nizuma Eiji becomes their major rival after his manga gets an anime (well actually he gets two mangas and two animes going at the same time). They have several successful mangas but when they realise that the mangas they are producing are not as good as they want them to be, they make a deal with the head of Jump! that if they don't get serialized in the next 3 meetings they will stop writing for Jump! altogether. There are other mangakas in the manga, and they form alliances with other authors and stuff like that. There's a lot of complicated relationships, all the characters are pretty much linked up some how. I really reccomend this. Even though it's shonen, and I'm a shoujo kinda girl, which really says a lot about the quality.
And for those who didn't know, Bakuman is actually getting an anime in Spring(for those in the south) and Fall (for those in the north)

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