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Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Soul, Your Beats! - Angel Beats!

The most anticipated album of the season, well for me anyway. The opening song 'My Soul, Your Beats!' suit perfectly into Angel Beats! and as always 'Lia' has such a voice that drives so much emotion. The ending 'Brave Song' by Aoi Tada took a more slow and peaceful tone, but again it fit into Angel Beats! drama packed and meaningful storyline.

Album: My Soul, Your Beats!
Artist: Lia (My Soul, Your Beats!), Aoi Tada (Brave Song)

1. My Soul, Your Beats!
2. Brave Song
3. My Soul, Your Beats! (TV size)
4. Brave Song (TV Size)
5. My Soul, Your Beats! (Instrumental)
6. Brave Song (Instrumental)


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