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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

J-pop Diva Ayumi Hamasaki to Divorce Austrian Hubby

Not even a year of marriage, J-Pop star Ayumi Hamasaki announced on her "Team Ayu" fan club website that she will divorcing her Austrian husband, Schwarz.

Hamasaki's explanation reads:
 I am reporting that I will be filing for divorce on Monday in America...The reason lies within myself. At the time of our marriage, we decided to live in America, however, because of the Tohoku Earthquake that occurred two months later, a strong feeling sprouted within me that I didn’t want to be apart from Japan. I wasn’t able to imagine a life in America, and as a result, I left my husband by himself for a long period of time.
(I hope she told him this before posting... That would be worse than dumping someone via a text.... or FB ;; ) 

The superstar couple met in 2010 when Schwarz, an Austrian native and male actor/model, appeared in Ayumi’s music video for her song "Virgin Road" (the live versions of which were oftern performed in a wedding dress. The irony here is pretty thick, folks). A swift courtship was followed by a wedding on Jan 1, 2011, but alas, this high profile international romance appears to have run out of steam. 

 Source: Crunchyroll

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