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Thursday, September 1, 2011

[Poll Result] Define Anime?

Clearly shown, anime plays a really big role among readers. But then not really too surprised by it since people who comes here is only for animes anyway. I see that anime is a majority of the people's existence which is really nice to see. Come on, just being honest; animes are the best. Also, there is the 'Just a little hobby of mine group. Aww~~ it's cool to stay like that, I'm not being mean or anything. It's good to see there are some people who are still pure and not corrupted by animes yet. For the 'anime is my daily nutritions' group, you guys are great. Always watch animes at spare time to keep yourself healthy. Lastly~ the 'anime is my drug' group, it's sad to see people aren't voting for it~~ sigh I would love to inject anime into my bloodstream one day.

'Anime is my existence: 7'
'Anime is my daily nutritions: 5'
'Anime is my drugs: 2'
'Just a little hobby of mine...: 5'

Hope you guys found this interesting and next poll will be up right away!

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